CLIENTS MANUAL - Mandatory reading!
Please consider the list of factors below when bringing items to us for powder coating.

1. Take the delivery order along with the component that you want powder coated. The delivery order has to have the the information necessary for composing an invoice.
2. The hanging holes of the component need to be coordinated when the component is handed over to us. We recommend you to make the technological holes before bringing the component to us. The recommended hole diameter is 4 mm.
3. Bring the components to us dry.
4. Do not use glue tape on surfaces that are going to be powder coated. Also remove old paint, rust and anything that could ruin the result of the coating.
5. Please do not clean the components with  cellulose solvent if the components are painted beforehand. You can clean the painted surfaces with petroleum spirit.
6. Please remove all details that will melt in 200 degrees from the surfaces that you want powder coated.
7. Consider the fact that, if the surfaces that are going to be powder coated are covered with vacuum film or any kind of material, the result will be scrap. Because of the film applied on with vacuum is barely noticeable, please remove it beforehand or state it on to the delivery order - removing the film will be done by us with extra charge.
8. Do not use marker on surfaces that are going to be powder coated. Mark surfaces/sides with X that you do not want powder coated.
9. If you want screws, bolts or other little components powder coated, please attach the components onto a metal sheet or other surface that resists heat. Definitely do not use styrofoam or porolon!
10. Please consider the special qualities of the components that can affect the result and quality of the result of the powder coating. For example, components with a layer of zinc can not be covered with an oxidised layer.
11. Details with nano-coating can not be powder coated. Please make sure beforehand that non of the components are nano coated.

12. Make sure that you are happy with the powder coating result on the spot before leaving.
13. We do not offer packaging services for the powder coated items.
14. When transporting the powder coated components make sure they do not get damaged.
15. We store our clients powder coated items in our space for free up to 5 working days. After the 5 working days a fee of 10% of the total powder coating invoice sum will apply for each working day the items stored in our space.


16. When the points 2.-11. of the Clients manual are not met which results scrap.
17. When there is rust, old paint on the components or any of the necessary preparation work is not done by the client which results in scrap.
18. When the powder painted components are damaged after being stored in our space for longer than 5 working days.

The Powder coating reception and delivery of the components is open Mon-Fri  07:30–18:00, Sat-Sun we are closed.

Powder coating oven measurements:
Oven 1: length 4000 mm; width 1400 mm and height 1700 mm.
Oven 2: length 6300 mm; width 500 mm and height 2200 mm, together with elongation the length is up to 9000 mm (extra cost).
Oven 3: length 4800 mm; width 1500 mm and height 1700 mm.

Thank you for your pleasant cooperation!
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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