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We have powder coating experience starting from the year 1998, To fill our clients deadlines and bring the waiting time to minimum, we work in up to three shifts if necessary. We have powder coated a wide range of furnishings, many different elements in construction of many shopping malls, schools and hospitals. Our biggest jobs have been Kristiine, Solaris ja Rocca al Mare shopping centres, Sportland, Tondiraba Ice Hall, T1 Mall of Tallinn, Seaplane Harbour and Estonian National Opera. A very important target audience for us, in addition to bigger companies, are smaller firms and private individuals.

RAL Colour tones Chart:

Oven measurements:
Powder coating oven measurements:
Oven 1: length 4000 mm; width 1400 mm and height 1700 mm.
Oven 2: length 6300 mm; width 500 mm and height 2200 mm, together with elongation the length is up to 9000 mm (extra cost).
Oven 3: length 4800 mm; width 1500 mm and height 1700 mm.

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Powder coating - why and what for?

  • powder paints without any solvent.
  • the coating is done with tribostatic or electrostatic devices.
  • mostly used to coat metal surfaces.
  • used both for decorative and functional surface finishing.

The advantages of powder coating compared to other technologies:

  • endurance to mechanical influences and weather conditions.
  • high corrosion resistance.
  • good commercial appearance.
  • wide choice of colour tones.
  • economical coating process.
  • environmental friendly technology.

Powder paints can be used for to achieve many different results on various surfaces. Powder coating is good for both the internal and external environments. Facade powder is a polyester paint where the binder is specially chosen to endure long lasting weather impacts. Transparent coating for the protection of unpainted metal surfaces, giving an effect of "depth" and coating certain metal surfaces. Matt coating is a transparent matt varnish which gives the effect of "depth" when coating surfaces. Colourful colour tones, this colour effect is achieved with mixing certain powder coatings. The coated surfaces get the effect of "depth" and the result looks a lot more similar to natural materials. Metallic, shimmering powder coating in various colour tones. Powder coating enriched with zinc is used as a base coating on sand blasted surfaces and black metal for corrosion resistance. High temperature resistant coating is a special polyester coating designed to resist high temperatures.