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LASER CUTTING AND ENGRAVING – We are using Trotec laser which guarantees the quality. The laser can cut and engrave plywood, plastic, leather and paper. It can also engrave on stainless steel, glass and stone.

WATER JET CUTTING – Our water jet cutter is made by the Swiss company Bystronic. It is one of the most powerful and biggest water jet cutter machines in the Baltics (workspace 3000-6000mm). It can cut materials up to the thickness of 200mm. Thanks to its accuracy and clean cutting method it does not need any mechanical after care. Our water jet cutter can cut metal, glass, marble, granite, plastics, different kind of wood and so on.

Positioning accuracy +/- 0,05 mm/from the axis.
Repeated positioning accuracy +/- 0,025mm/ from the axis.
Angle accuracy 0,02mm/10mm in relation to the thickness of the material. 
The quality of the water jet cutting depends on the cutting speed. Default standard quality tolerance is +/- 0,6 mm.
The material does not heat up, therefor there is no thermal impact to the material.
The advantages of water jet cutting:
High cutting quality and minimal material waste.
Is able to cut inflammable objects and non-metal materials.
Environment friendly due to the fact that during the cutting process no harmful fumes or gases are released.
Laser engraving enables to transfer various images to plastic, wood, paper, cloth, leather, ceramics, stone, glass, metal and so on. Engraving can not be done on to noble metal, chromed and nickel surfaces. We engrave round details (glasses, mugs, plates, pencils, vases, bottles and so on) and planar materials (tiles, mirrors, glasses, electronics and so on). We can laser engrave materials with the sizes up to 700 x 400 mm, height 170 mm. Our laser cutter can cut various materials like plastic, wood, paper, cloth, leather and so on. We can laser cut materials  with the sizes up to 700 x 400 mm, height 170 mm. The thickness of the material that we can cut depends on the material. Steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other metals are cut with our water jet cutter.